Stefano Grimaz

Scientific Director
Stefano Grimaz

Civil Engineer. Senior Researcher at the University of Udine (I). Director of Safety and Protection Intersectoral Laboratory  at the Department of Chemistry, Physics and Environment. Professor of Engineering Seismology, Seismic Risk and Civil Protection and of Safety and Environmental protection at the Engineering Degree Courses of the University of Udine. 

He carries out research on situational safety management, focusing on seismic risk (seismic site response, vulnerability and usability, diagnosis of structural damage), safety and environmental protection (safety at work, fire risk, analysis of emergency scenario taking into account environment and human behaviour interaction), with an holistic and intersectoral approach for developing decision making support tools.

He has worked as a consultant for safety management in complex activities, such as the reconstruction of the Teatro La Fenice in Venice, the preparation of emergency plans at Palazzo Grassi and Palazzo Labia in Venice, the organization of the Crisis Unit of the University Hospital of Udine on the occasion of the Millennium Bug, the study of a methodology for the evaluation and management of fire safety in the historic centre of Venice.

He has been President the CNSPP - National Coordination of Health and Safety Offices of Italian Universities and Research Centres, Head of the Health and Safety Officer of the University, the University Hospital and the University Farm of Udine (I).

After the earthquakes of 2009 Abruzzo and 2012 Emilia (Italy), he has provided scientific support to the technical team of Italian National Fire Department for securing damaged cultural heritage. Currently he is scientific coordinator of the technical-scientific Committee set up by the Italian Ministry of the Interior for securing interventions in emergency situations.

Coordinator of Committees and Working Groups of the Italian Ministry of the Interior aimed at defining methodological and procedural requirements for fire safety management. In particular, he has led the working group on the preparation of the Guidelines for the reduction of seismic vulnerability of fire protection systems. Currently he is responsible for the working group for defining simplified methods for the identification of customized fire safety countermeasures.

He has led several applied research projects on risks assessment and mitigation in complex activities, both for enterprises and public Authorities.

He has designed and directed academic and post graduated courses in the field of Safety and Emergency Management.

He has been involved, as expert observer, in international exercises on safety and emergency management within several European projects (DrHOUSE, Kulturisk, ELITE) and Italian projects (airport emergency Aquileia2005, seismic emergency NordEst2013)

He is consultant of UNESCO for the assessment of seismic safety of schools in developing countries through the use of innovative methods which provide relevant information to support decisions.

He is author of more than 100 papers in the field of industrial, civil and territorial safety and risk prevention.