Roberto Barro

Member of the Board of directors
Roberto Barro

The main area of specialization is that of fire prevention, both in the traditional form, related to the application of technical rules and regulations in order to obtain a fire prevention certificate in standard situations, and in a more innovative way based on a performance method. The latter includes an evaluation of the vulnerability and the engineering approach or Fire Safety Engineering (FSE), in which he has a peculiar knowledge, as well as in the use of fire simulation software (Virtual Engineering).

For what regards the evaluation of the fire risks and the engineering approach to fire prevention, he has a various and long-lasting experience in various sectors: commercial activities (shopping centres, exhibition halls), hospitals, and industrial activities and parking lots for public and private customers (including Aspiag Srtl, Despar Triveneto, Gruppo Pam Panorama, Telecom Italia S.p.a., Domina Vacanze S.p.a., Interparking S.p.a.)

At the end of the ‘90s he applied the concepts of Fire Safety Engineering, in cooperation with the provincial command of the Fire Brigade in Udine, to computer fire simulations, and to the study of safe exodus and facilities in case of fire for shopping centers. In the early 2000s, for the provincial headquarters of Federalberghi, he attended the ministerial committee to write updates to the technical regulation on fire prevention of hotels.

In 2004 he presented to ISA (Accademy of Fire Prevention of the Italian National Fire Corps) a study on the evaluation of the fire effects in large multi-level shopping malls and on effectiveness of system solutions for smoke control, performed with the fires simulation software, to demonstrate that the risk conditions within a large multi-level shopping mall provided with mechanical smoke evacuation systems (not legal) are equivalent to those with smoke evacuation of natural type.

In the field of civil engineering he designs the construction plans of several building and of passive protection systems against fire. In the field of machinery he does the projects, manages the work and tests HVAC systems; design, work management and testing of active protection systems against fire, testing in the field of smoke control systems with the aid of hot smoke.

He evaluates risks and he deals with work safety management (D.Lgs. n. 231/2001, art. 30 D.Lgs.n. 81/2008, OHSAS 18001) and management of fire safety systems (for notwithstanding procedures and for the management of transitional arrangements in public activities notwithstanding the current regulations).

He is also licensed to coordinate the planning and execution of works (D.Lgs. 81/2008), authorized for the role of RSPP (responsible of prevention-protection service – D.Lgs. 81/2008), registered in the list of testers of structural buildings made of reinforce concrete, both ordinary and prestressed, and metal structures; he is also registered in the list of freelancers of the Internal Ministry (D.M. 23/03/1985) to the Law 818/84.

He is a member of:

  • Fire Prevention, Environment and Energy Committee in the Order of Engineers of the Province of Udine
  • AICARR Safety and Fire Prevention Technical Committee and AICARR member (Italian Association for Air Conditioning Heating Refrigeration)
  • UNI Working Group - National Interface CEN TC 191 SC1 for the preparation and revision of the Norms on natural and forced smoke and heat evacuation systems
  • ANACE Technical Committee (National Association of Fire and Smoke Evacuation Control)
  • Safety Working Group of CONFCOMMERCIO: Central Management of Labour and Welfare Policies - Workplace Safety Sector
  • the working group that has updated the current technical fire fighting regulations concerning health and public social health facilities (appointed by decree of the Internal Ministry, Fire Brigade Department, on the 21.11.2012)

He is a teacher in training courses of fire fighting safety (Fire Fighting School of the Fire Brigade in Trento province, University of Rome 2, Engineers Foundation of Venice, Engineers Order of Udine, ANACE, AICARR).